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All my life focuses to live without regrets.

All I want is to live all the possible experiences.

Photography and filming are my job”.

I am a creative


I was born Friday the 17th of August 1990. Not really a propitiatory day to come into the World.

When I started climbing a new life began for me.
I remember the first time hanging on the wall with friends in an old crag near my hometown. There was no reason why I should have pushed forward with this sport: I was scare by heights, it was tiresome, it was meaningless and, most of all, I spent one hour biking to go to the crag. Then, following my friends who started before me, I began to understand.

I’ve been climbing for almost four years and I feel really into it. Many years ago I decided to follow my passions so I started filming and taking pictures in the outdoors. As a student, during my Bachelor studies at the University of Trento, I developed competencies in economics and management theories. After I graduated, I decided to change my professional aspiration. In fact I passed the selections for the Academy of Fine Arts in Trento. I attended my Bachelor in Multi-Channel Graphic Design, extended to the world of Photography and Video Editing. 

In the last two years I met the value of “learning through working”. In fact I travelled in many cities of Italy and Europe just to make experience, working for brands or just for personal projects, just to see how far I can push my creativity and myself. Until now I’ve seen that perseverance and passion drove me in the right way, even if most of times big efforts correspond in small steps. This aspect doesn’t let me down, on the contrary, motivates me a lot. What frightens me the most is to stay motionless watching the time passing by. Fortunately my biggest fear a little bit of luck drove to become Graphic Designer and Multimedia Developer at La Sportiva S.p.A. in April 2015. I was right. Passion and the will to learn everyday drove me to approach one step closer to a sort of “dream job”: become a professional outdoor photographer and filmmaker. It will take time, but I'll try to learn as much as I can.

If you want to know something more you can find an interview on (italian only).


Action Photography is the only and way I’m able to express my feelings and my perspective. The desire to take pictures in the outdoor world and to show the real action in extreme sports is so big!


Photography for me is just the beginning. Pictures come alive and become intense emotions. This is the reason why I got really involved into filming and editing. I started filming just for fun, but with the passing of time it became something serious, it became my profession. I’m looking for truly and intense story to tell in remote and faraway places.


My studies in Graphic Design allow me to create powerful communication tools. I work on the entire workflow process involved from the design and the layout to the final delivery. Creativity is one of the purest and biggest form of expression and freedom.


Thought and words are humans world perspective. This part concers more my reporting skills, which allows me to tell stories behind images. Sometimes we have the moral duty to write about our experiences and what we care of.




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The Vertical Eye was born in 2012 when I first saw Adam Ondra at Bus de Vela crag. It was a beautiful sunny day. It was the day when he onsighted his eight 8c+. I still remember the emotions of that moment. My new blog will keep on reporting pictures, videos, news and other stuffs, commercial reviews included. 


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  • Passion. This is definitely what gives soul to Matteo’s works, united with technique, the right fantasy and a lot of initiative.

    Stefano Michelin – Upclimbing Editor in Chief
  • Matteo is a young, smiling guy able to manage at best everything about graphic design, video and photo production. I’ve worked with Matteo several times: he’s first of all deeply passionate about climbing, outdoor and mountais. It makes his technical skills even more interesting, because he loves what he does.

    Andrea Benesso – Adventure Awards Co-Creator
  • We’ve been pleased to work with Matteo on two projects which both went very successfully and smooth. Matteo has good eye for detail and keep the story on track and delivers his video production well. Looking to work again with Matteo!

    Donna Saarentola – Content Producer at EpicTV
  • Matteo cares about the mountain with love; he’s able to share that feeling through his work. The reputation he has built in this environment, within the relationship between mountains and graphic design, is one of those things that happens to those who can transform the passion of a lifetime in the perfect job.

    Elisabetta Curzel, Journalist – Corriere della Sera & RAI
  • I could appreciate the professionalism Matteo’s professionalism at the making of the video of Lapsus with Stefano Ghisolfi: Matteo oversaw the work to the smallest detail, creating an exciting and original video!

    Francesca Benedetti, Marketing Assistant per CAMP spa
  • I had the occasion to work with Matteo and I can assure he is a very good filmmaker and photographer: first of all, he has an absolute passion for his work and puts a lot of effort in transmitting it, always reaching best results.

    Klaus Dell’Orto, Action Photographer
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